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- This site is a collaboration between a group of volunteers, teenagers who need some guidance and some people from industry with an interest in astronomy.
- Currently, we are working on a remote controlled telescope.
- Keep exploring to learn more about us, or feel free to send us a message for more information.
We are in Southern California, You can be anywhere !

For the latest information regarding pour project, please, start by the
Main Page of the site.
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On this site you will find:
Telescope project description.
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Telescope project status (of realization), (lot of pictures).
Updated on 2005/03/.01.
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Project diagram. (preliminary page).
Updated on 2003/01/24.
picture, icon, main project diagram
Linux and Astronomy Workgroup.
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Volunteers page, A few telescopes realizations (lot of pictures).
Updated on 2004/09/01.
picture, Matthew and Pixo homemade telescope
Meetings, travels, social events information.
Updated on 2003/10/26 (lot of pictures).
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Sky data.
updated on 2003/04/07.
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About linux.
Updated on 2003/02/24.
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Software area.
Updated on 2005/08/21.
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Trade shows and exhibitions.
Updated on 2008/02/15.
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Credit or who is doing what.
Updated on 2003/08/26.
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Our sponsors.
Updated on 2003/11/20.
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Others amazing projects using Linux and Astronomy.
Updated on 2004/10/30
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Linux, astronomy or Science related sites.
Mostly education related links. Updated on 2003/01/27
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Site information. server(s) statistics, connection status.
Updated on 2003/06/01.
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To join us.

Telescope project description. picture, mirror icon
Project description.
The project is taking off nevertheless will require a considerable amount of time up to completion.
Please, let us know if you want to get involved, at any level.
If you have a mirror as a coffee table, perhaps I can trade you a nicely cut piece of wood for it. ;-)
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Linux and Astronomy Workgroup. picture, workgroup icon
2003/08/13. The forum test worked fine, we need a place to host it.
2002/12/21. We did not use any forum yet, the group is relatively small, with a lot of work. We still plan to do it, just be patient, or better help us.

a forum where people can share ideas including subject matter related to
the linux operating system and general science.
Linuxastronomy forum. (will be back, updated, soon).
We are implementing some changes to represent better the projects we are working on.
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To join us.
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Pixo, with the help of other nice people (check the volunteers personal page).
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Let us know, how you like the site, or what need to be done to make you feel happier.
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