Remote controlled telescope.
Project status.

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Beeing not that easy to get alltogether on a regular basis, we decided to start some small working groups, like nodes. Here is a first step toward "world domination"...
After a few weeks of miscellaneous activities and a lot of talks between the interested members, we gained some good bases to start building.

The remote telescope control center as described in the next line, has been canceled. At least for now.

It all started by an old camper shell, that was waitting for the dump, or simply forgoten. What if we use it as our remote telescope control center ?
October 2002 (project stop and canceled).

Nous avons choisi d'utiliser cette ancienne coque de camionette pour salle de commande de notre projet.
Octobre 2002.
picture, camper shell before transformation.
Desk assembly to be used as a workbench for our project.
February 2003.

Fabrication d'un bureau - etabli, qui va nous servir a la realisation de noter projet.
Fevrier 2003.
picture, home made workbench.

As the project seems expensive (we hopped we would be able to raise the funds needed much quicker) and complex, we decided to practice and apply our knowledge on a few smaller projects first. which is also a good idea regarding to our "social project".
June 2003.

Le project nous semble complique, nous avons d'autres issues a adresser avant, aussi nous avons decide d'implementer les techniques destinees au telescope sur des objects plus simple de realisation, puis de les addapter plus tard a notre project principal. Ceci est aussi une bonne idee a notre "vocation sociale".
Juin 2003.
picture, binocular mount fabrication.
Binocular mounts, first try...
June 2003.

Support de lunettes d'approche.
Juin 2003.
picture, binocular mount fabrication.
Swivel chair with binocular mounts, A nice realization, that bring us a lot of questions and comments.
July 2003.

Chaise d'observation tournante, avec support de lunettes d'approche.
Juillet 2003.
picture, binocular mount fabrication.
Swivel chair with binocular mounts, This nice project done by Cory. It is a second version of our swivel chair.
July 2003.

Chaise d'observation tournatne avec support de lunettes d'approche. Realisation par Cory. Ce projet est la seconde version de notre chaise d'observation.
Juillet 2003.
picture, binocular mount fabrication.
Encoder, version 1.0. First prototype of a homemade encoder.
November 2003.

Voici notre premier prototype d'un encodeur de fabrication maison.
Novembre 2003.
picture, homemade encoder.
Seismometer, or how to detect vibrations in telescope vicinity, as well as possible telescope malfunction.
August 2004.
(The current seismometer page is the page from our participation at "Linux World Expo in San Francisco")

Sismographe, ou comment detecter les vibrations dans les environs d'un telescope, ainsi que d'eventuel probleme du fonctionement du telescope.
August 2004.
(La page actuel du sismographe est la page cree lors de notre participation au show de "Linux World Expo in San Francisco")
picture, homemade encoder.

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