Credit page.

This page is to let you know "who is doing what" on the linuxastronomy project as well as the web site.
Let us know if you feel being part of this list, which means volunteering some time for the project.
- Spell checkers and proof readers are in high demand, to fix the countless broken english pages.

- Members of the math/science department at Cochise College (Arizona), are helping with the translation of some of the pages.
- Dr. Kahane, make it possible for some kids to go to meetings or star party with us. She simply make it happen.
She is taking care of kids therapy.
- Starwing is doing a lot of web editing work, spell proofing, design and provide a lot of feedback.
- Jerry is working on the software, with Pixo.
- His contribution, goes from "apache" web server, "sendmail" mail server configuration, up to help on the telescope control software.
- Carissa, is working on a planets data page. The more she learns the more the page will evolve.
- Matthew, is trying to find comets and constellations, so we can put them in the telescope, they should be easier to find... ;-)
He is also working on the remote telescope control center.
- Cory, after his high school homework, is doing a nice job on pages regarding sky data, planets and stars information.
- Pixo, started the project and try to make it happen. He is the main "despot" on the site. It is probably the reason the site has so many mistakes.
- Phil, kindly provided us some space on a server, for mirroring linuxastronomy.
- It has already heleped us a lot, when the main site connection was down.
- Richard is volunteering for the software realization.
- Daniel is helping on fliers and translations from "broken english" into "better english".
- We started to hand out fliers at exhibitions or social events, Daniel took care of writing the fliers as well as printing them.
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