Linuxastronomy project information.

Detailled diagram. 2003/01/24
Made with "QCAD", converted using "Xgrab", then "The GIMP".

picture, detailled diagram  of the project.
How does it work ?
- A user send a request to the main server, using his browser,
- The connection is established through the internet.
- The server connect the user to the control center, or put the user on a queue, if telescope busy.
- The server exchange the correct viewing parameters with the control center.
- the control center aim the telescope to the proper location, once location has been approved.
- Image is taken, saved for later viewing, then transmited to the user.
- Before a user request, can be approved, the parameters will be verified
- Examples include :
- is it rainning ? cloudy ? day or night ? coordinates under the horizont ? are the camera parameters fine ? etc.

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