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2003/08. Arizona trip meeting.
- We decided to try a trip with whoever would be interested and could make it.
We ended up leaving at three, which is not bad for a first trip.
The Grand Canyon and Kitt Peak observatory (near Tucson) where part of our goals.
We succeeded pretty well, we went to both places as well as others in the area. At the end we went to a star party on Mount Laguna, which is above San Diego.
We brought with us, one of our home made telescope.
2003/07 - 2003/08 LWExpo 2003 preparation.
- We definitely grew up in the last year.
The organization of the trade show, without being perfect, was much better organized this year comparing to the previous one.
We talked and acted in an appropriate way to make the show happen.
The show was a success, we had several good leads.
We have new challenges, new task to accomplish, we will sort it out in a next meeting.
2003/07/05, We had two meetings, one in June one in July.
Some key points came at the meetings.

- Some pages on the site seems to be slow to load.
Especialy for people with poor connections, it can be anywhere around the world.
From now on, the pictures will be of smaller size (lower quality) with perhaps an option to select a better quality one.
The first example is the binocular chair realization. They are still several pictures describing the construction, they are simply of smaller size.

- While we try to accomplish our project using mostly used or unwanted part, they are still parts we need to buy.
As we did not get a (free) mirror or mirror blank from anybody, we may have to buy one.
If you feel helping us, with a mirror, a mirror blank or buy one for us, let us know.

- The project seems to be complex as of our current organization.
As a reminder we are not only trying to build a remote controlled telescope, but also have a kind of "social mission" to accomnplish.
Which is fine, meanwhile sometimes can delay work parties, and bring unexpected challenges.
If you feel helping us with anything on the project, please let us know.
2003/05/23-26, RTMC Big Bear, Southern California.
While this is not one of our meeting and has nothing to do with us (except astronomy), it was a fascinating event.
I was please to meet so many people that have already heard or went on "http://www.linuxastronomy.org".
I did not expect it at all, that so many people would be aware of our little growing group of volunteers.

I received a few suggestions for the web site.
Some people are interested to volunteer once a while for one of our meeting or star party.
It seems people like the idea of a loosely organized group, with not too many committments to assume.
One person expressed the idea of creating a sub group in another area, we will announce it, if it happen.

All these positive feedback, are helping us to keep going and not stop the move.
- We talked about a first party, the idea of a moon party was taken as a good idea.
- Frank proposed some nice alternative ways to meet and socialize.
- Starwing spotted an article on slashdot, that came while we were talking, it was about "adapting a webcam for astrophotography"
- Pixo, presented the prototype of a temperature module that will display the temperature at the telescope location. He then talked about a camera that will show the sky condition.
We started to have a few informal meetings.
- We meet to exchange ideas, or show the group what each of us accomplished.
- Try to test components by swapping parts with each other.
It is a good way to move on, without each of us having to do a complete test.
- We also enjoy doing some star gazing, or having a meal together.
As of now, meetings are informal. They often happen whenever somebody has components that might work with someone elses parts.
It is a good excuse to meet. Also whenever the young people need assistance, we try to get some people together to help them.
If the group grows enough and their is enough interest, we might start some regular meetings. The location is not fixed. We are a group based in Southern California, but also an internet group with users everywhere, so we may have meetings in different locations, where ever attendance is consistent.
Up to now, we have met at the following locations: Joshua Tree National Park, Perris and Palm Springs, all locations are in Southern California, but we are open to other areas also.
We had dinners together, sometimes staying overnight.
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