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Robotics index.

The LinuxAstronomy team has built several robotics devices.
This index attempts to bring together all the robotics pages.
Fine print.
We are responsible for nothing.
Absolutely nothing.

Bugs !.
Unfortunately, like software, hardware devices may have bugs.
Fortunately, it seems hardware bugs are less frequent, however they can be harder to fix (or impossible).
On this page are presented possible bug fix(es) found on the Internet (relevant to the Arduino and similar devices).
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Earlier batches of Arduino UNO and Mega had a bug, which seems to have a fix.

Robotics projects.
. . . .

Robotics devices built for SCaLE 9 (February 2011)

(Southern California Linux Expo)

All the robots were built using the Arduino micro-controllers board or similar (such as Pololu boards)..

General info (with links to many images).
Technical F.A.Q. (many images).
Robot maker's webpages and pictures information.
Robot requirements.

Robotic devices built for SCaLE 10 (2012)

(Southern California Linux Expo)

Work in progress..
A project will be put together for SCaLE 2012. Pages will be created once the project gets underway.

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