Linuxastronomy site and statistics information.

Servers description.
Would you like to see some pictures of our "multiproccessors parallel tasking, main cluster" Servers ?
You might be disapointed to see on what kind of hardware "www.linuxastronomy.org" run...
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Statistic page.
The following link, will bring you to a page of Statistic. They are rough, they represent only information where people seemed to read or get some data, on specific pages. The real hit number is much higher.
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Latest status on servers and connection status.
- 2003/06/01, Our mail server connection is still down, we are working to find a new location "asap".
- 2003/06/01, The statistics will be updated once the mirror backup server will be fully configured.

- 2003/05/28, As the school wiring connection is not fixed yet, we currently run from a backup miror site.
- 2003/05/28, Our server connection went down on Memorial weekend (2003/05/24-26) the server is fine.
- 2003/05/28, water leaks, rat and mice eating wiring insulation might be part of the problem.

- 2003/05/06, Since the move, the statistics have an issue, The stats will not be updated until the problem is fixed we are working on it, thank you for being patient.

- 2003/04/14, We have moved to a temporary new server, with a much better connection.

- 2003/02/04, Fixed stats problem for February 2003.
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