Physical server(s) page.

Sorry, no rocket science for us (yet), "www.linuxastronomy.org" run on some reliable older hardware.
Please, let us know if you have any problem to access this site.
Our main server is an older "80486" generation computer, with a nice motherboard update, and the addition of a CD-ROM drive. The processor is now, an "AMD k6-II 300 MHz", the memory size is 256 MB (max allowed by this motherboard).

I bought the motherboard at a swap meet (flee market) a few years back, it has shown to be a very stable one.
At the top is the modem. We get the connection using this neat little 56 kbs analogic modem, through an ISDN line. This modem has an LCD screen, to display the connection speed, as well as other useful information. Under the modem a "kvm". The "kvm" allowing to have one monitor, keyboard, for 4 computers. At the bottom, an older computer not used for linuxastronomy.org.
picture, linuxastronomy main server.
An older Macintosh 7600/120 with 512 MB of RAM, an 18 GB SCSI hard disk drive and a G3 CPU card added later.
This computer is running Mac O.S. and linux, it share some images work, between the camera and the server.
The image manipulation is done using the "GIMP" on linux.
On the top of the Mac, a cd burner and a removable cartridge drive.
picture, linuxastronomy Mac 7600/120.

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