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Andromeda (And)
Aquila (Aql) (eagle)
Auriga (Aur) (Charioteer)
Bootes (Boo) (herdsman)
Cancer (Cnc) (crab)
Canes Venatici
Canes Venatici (CVn) (hunting dogs)
Canis Major
Canis Major (CMa) (big dog)
Canis Minor
Canis Minor (CMi) (lesser dog)
Capricornus (Cap) (sea goat)
Cassiopeia (Cas)
Centaurus (Cen) (centaur)
Cepheus (Cep
Corvus (Crv) (Crow)
Corona Borealis
Corona Borealis (CrB) (Northern Crown)
Cygnus (Cyg) (swan)
Draco (Dra) (dragon)
Gemini (Gem) (Twins)
Hercules (Her)
Leo (Leo) (lion)
Lyra (Lyr) (Lyre)
Ophiucus (Oph) (serpent holder)
Orion (Ori)
Pegasus (Peg) (winged horse)
Perseus (Per)
Scorpius (Sco) (scorpion)
Sagitarius (Sgr) (archer)
Taurus (Tau) (Bull)
Telescopium (Tel) (telescope)
Ursa Major
Ursa Major (Uma) (big dipper)
Ursa Minor
Ursa Minor (Umi) (little dipper)
Virgo (Vir) (virgin)
Sky Events.
April 2007 and beyond...

(Page will be shorter this month, the anaglyph page took much of the time available for the ephemeride page)

Future events or events in progress.
Events listed below, are mostly of general or scientific interest.
They are often open to the general public.
April 14 ASOD Star party ASOD (Astronomy Society of the Desert, Coachella Valley, California). Location: Sawmill Trailhead.
April 13 - 15 RAS Star Party (Riverside Astronomy Society, Riverside California).
May 5 RAS Meeting (Riverside Astronomy Society, Riverside California).
May 11 ASOD Meeting ASOD (Astronomy Society of the Desert, Coachella Valley, California).
May 11 - 13 RAS Star Party (Riverside Astronomy Society, Riverside California).
May 19 ASOD Star party ASOD (Astronomy Society of the Desert, Coachella Valley, California). Location: Sawmill Trailhead.
May 19 - 20 Maker Faire event, San Mateo, California. picture, Maker Faire shows
May 25 - 27 RTMC (Big Bear, California) (Riverside Telescope Makers Conference).

Solar system
Object: Earth Moon. Date and Time standard: PST (Pacific Standard Time). Year: 2006-2007
Month: 1st quarter: full moon: latest quarter: new moon:
January 2007 3 11 18
January 25
February 1 10 17
February 23
March 3 11 18
March 25
April 2 10 17
April 23
May 2 9 16
May 23 31
June 8 14
June 22 30

Interesting learning...
Stereoscopy, Anaglyph or 3 dimensional imaging, index page Sky Events.


Today in history. Some interesting events.
Historical events, such as past, present and future space missions.
Date: History events (sorted by year, month, day):
2007 April 13 Discovery of S/2007 S 1 (en.wikipedia.org), which is a Saturn moon.
S/2007 S 1 (fr.wikipedia.org).
Saturn's natural satellites (en.wikipedia.org).
2007 April 3 The TGV (en.wikipedia.org). "Train à Grande Vitesse" which means "High-Speed Train", hold a new speed record of 574.8 km/h (about 357 mph). It is its third world record, for a wheeled train (not a magnetic levitation train).
TGV (fr.wikipedia.org) (french).
TGV (en.wikipedia.org), lot of information regarding the TGV and its evolution, also a lot of images.

picture, TGV, high-speed train

Image TGV in Futuroscope railway station near Poitiers.

picture, TGV, high-speed train

TGV in Paris Gare de Lyon, this one is a double decker train set.

picture, TGV, high-speed train

TGV leaving Paris Gare de Lyon, this is the back of the train.

1971 April 19
Launch of the first space station ever, Salyut 1 (en.wikipedia.org).

Salyut (en.wikipedia.org) missions, where officially a peacfull program, however, part of the Salyut space stations were disguised Almaz (en.wikipedia.org) program.

Almaz space stations, were a response to the U.S. MOL (en.wikipedia.org) "Manned Orbiting Laboratory", which was a military manned space program.

Later, both country, seemed to have arrived to asimilar conclusion, which was that automatic stations, spy satellites and others unmanned spacecraft were as efficient and probably cheaper than a manned "spy" station.

The first crew arrived on Salyut 1 onboard of Soyuz 10, which experimentd for nearly 24 hours the docking between the station and the manned module. The crew was unable to dock due to a failure of part of the mechanism.

The second crew arrived and docked in less than 3hours and 20 minutes. the crew was able to transfert to the station and made progressive work for 23 days on board Salyut 1.

Salyut stayed for in orbit 175 days, or until 1971 October 11.

Humans in Space: Long Term Mobile and Fixed Stations. (rst.gsfc.nasa.gov).


Images from "Remote Sensing Technology" at "Godard Space Flight Center, NASA" (rst.gsfc.nasa.gov).

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Astronomy picture of the day (M104, sombrero galaxy) Astronomy picture of the day (M104, sombrero galaxy). NASA

Hubble picture of the day, (cat eye nebula)
Hubble space telescope, picture of the day (images and videos), (cat eye nebula).
ESA European Space Agency.

OSEI picture of the day
Picture from the OSEI (Operational Significant Event Imagery). These images usually represent environment change events.

Earth motion
for Coachella Valley.
seismology for Coachella Valleyseismology for Coachella Valley (Southern California).

Light pollution prevention start at home.

The night sky in the World. Satellite monitoring of the artificial night sky brightness and the stellar visibility.
IDAInternational Dark-Sky Association.

Auroral Activity Northern HemisphereAuroral Activity (Northern Hemisphere). NOAA Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite (POES) continually monitor the power flux carried by the protons and electrons that produce aurora in the atmosphere.
Auroral Activity Southern HemisphereAuroral Activity Southern Hemisphere.

GOES Solar X-ray Imager, provide full-disk images of the Sun once a minute in the 0.6-6 nm range with 5 arcsec pixels. It allow real-time prediction of solar-terrestrial disturbances.
more info.

SOHO Pick of the Week SOHO Pick of the Week. Courtesy of SOHO/EIT and SOHO/LASCO consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.
latest SOHO imageslatest SOHO images171.
latest SOHO imageslatest SOHO images284.

CosmicopiaMore about Cosmic Rays (educational).

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