The people and companies mentioned on this page have committed to sponsor "Linuxastronomy.org" each on their own way.
Would you like to see your company listed on this list ?
Les personnes ou entreprises figurant sur cette page ce sont engagees a nous offrir diverses forme de support.
Souhaitez-vous que votre entreprise figure sur cette page ?

picture, Alembic logo.
Thank you for the fine people at "Alembic" high quality guitars manufacturer in Santa Rosa California, for the nice mail server hosting.
Alembic is helping us at every trade show or exhibition, as well as volunteering for most realizations, example the seismometer.


Merci a la compagnie "Alembic" fabricant de guitars de grande classes a Santa Rosa en Californie, pour leur serveur de courrier electronique.
Alembic nous aide lors de chaque exposition, ainsi que collabore a la realization de la plupart de nos projets, par exemple le sismographe.

picture, tux with Alembic guitar.

picture, Sourcefire logo.
Thank you to Martin Roesh founder of Sourcefire and creator of one of the most famous intrusion detection software "Snort".
Sourcefire host our website.
Sourcefire website.
Snort website.

Merci a Martin Roesh fondateur de la dynamique entreprise Sourcefire. Il est aussi le cretateur d'un programmes de detection d'intrusion, parmis les plus populaires: "Snort".
Sourcefire site internet.
Snort site internet.

picture, Packetpress logo.
Mike from "PacketPress Publishing" has been volunteering, as well as traded some equipment for "Southern California Linux Expo 2005".

Merci a Mike de la compagnie d'edition "PacketPress Publishing", qui c'est propose volontaire, ainsi que nous a propose un peu d'equipement a de bonne conditions, pour "Southern California Linux Expo 2005".

The following organisations, sometimes people working for them, did help us at a point in time.
We also thank them for having helped us.
picture, suse logo.
Some great people at SuSE in Oakland California, did help us with products and trade shows assitance when needed.

Quelques personnes de chez SuSE a Oakland en Californie, nous ont supportes avec leur produits, mais nous ont aussi assiste a differentes expositions.

picture, Phil logo.
Phil in San Diego California, linux and os X guru, provide us some space on a web server.
Color Graphics, Inc.

Phil de San Diego Californie, passione par linux et os X, nous offre un espace pour notre website.
Color Graphics, Inc.

Some nice people from Logitech in Fremont California, gave us some cool toys to tinker with. Those older serial mice are really neat to make encoders.

Quelques personnes de Logitech a Fremont en Californie nous ont offer quelques jouets techniques, passionant specialement ces anciennes souries serie, elle sont bien adaptees a faire des encodeurs.

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