Description of a digital multimeter application.
A project to connect a digital multimeter with a computer.

picture, icon, digital multimeter program.


pyDmm is a program used to log data on a computer connected to a digital multimeter equipped with a serial interface (rs-232c).

pyDmm convert a computer into an appliance.
pyDmm is not just another program running on a computer.

pyDmm run fine on an older computer "486", "P-I" or better.
A comfortable amount of memory (32Mb-128MB) is definitely a plus but not required.

picture, icon, digital multimeter program.


Scope of the project.
Target audience.
Project history.
Equipment needed.
- Something to measure.
- A digital multimeter with a serial RS-232c interface.
- A serial cable.
- A computer running the linux operating system with a RS-232c serial port.
Program features.
Some required dependant applications.
Program installation.
How to run sucessfully the program, step by step.
Distributions specific issues.
Some available times.
Licence and waranty.
What's next.

picture, icon, digital multimeter program.
picture, icon, digital multimeter program.

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