Xearth marker file page.
This page describe a file taking advantage of xearth capabilities.

What is this page about ?.
This page is about an application called "Xearth".

What is xearth ?.
Xearth diplays a shaded image of the Earth in an X window.
Xearth sets the X root window (screen background) to an image of the Earth, It can also render the image on a "non root X window", or into a file.
Xearth update the image at predefined time, such as every 5 minutes. It is part of several linux distributions, it also exist for other platforms such as Macintosh, BeOS, Ms Windows, etc.

picture, xearth sfcreenshot. picture, xearth sfcreenshot.
Xearth default mode. This is what Xearth looks like, if you do not include any parameter.
Note: The window manager used in these pictures is "windowmaker", other such as "AfterStep", "ICEwm" work the same.
Xearth enhanced mode, more precisely with reading of a "marker file".
picture, xearth sfcreenshot. picture, xearth sfcreenshot.
Xearth enhanced mode, different time of the day. Xearth enhanced mode, with a change in the "-pos" argument. the argument "-pos" specify the viewing angle. In this case it was : -pos "fixed 30 0".
The dark shade area of the planet, represent the night sky at this time of observation.
To get xearth, check on your linux distribution or simply download it from
Kirk Johnson page, its creator.
To run xearth, simply type "xearth", or "/usr/X11R6/bin/xearth" in an xterm console (without quotes).
"You should be able to see xearth with its default configuration.
Xearth marker file
The file I created allow to see more information, sometimes to much, typically in VGA mode 640x480.
The marker file is read at each time xearth redraws an image, It means, it can updated at each reading, making it dynamic.
To run xearth with the file downloadable from this page:
Download the file "xearth_locations.txt" by "RIGHT clicking" with your mouse, to get a dialog box that allow you to save it on your machine. xearth_locations.txt, by doing a "save as" from your browser (such as in Mozilla or Netscape).
Copy it on your folder, or any folder you like.
Supposing your user name is "toto".
Run the following command:
exec xearth -bigstars 20 -label -labelpos -5-150 -markerfile /home/toto/xearth_locations.txt &
Supposing you are logged as "toto" and have the file "xearth_locations.txt" in a sub folder, "/home/toto/toto_data/applications/xearth/xearth_locations.txt", Run the following command:
exec xearth -bigstars 20 -label -labelpos -5-150 -markerfile toto_data/applications/xearth/xearth_locations.txt &
You should be able to see xearth, with its enhanced configuration.
Let us know if you have any trouble.
Known issues:
Xearth seems not compatible with KDE version 3.
Xglobe is compatible with KDE, to get it: Xglobe. With earlier versions of KDE, it seems it was possible to run it with one desktop only.
Window managers:
Xearth seems to run fine with "After Step, ICEwm, Windowmaker, and some more.
How to get more information:
Once Xearth installed, in an "Xterm", or in "command line" (also known as console mode) do a "man xearth", you will get a good help file, packed with a lot of information.
I can not see my village/city/island...
The marker file can show any place on the planet you whish. Meanwhile, you need to realize the resolution of your monitor, might limit the number of items diplayed at a single time. In the marker file the line wiht a "#" are commented lines. If your village/city/island is writen into the marker file, and start with a "#", simply take off the "#" sign. You may have to add a "#" sign in front of another location, to prevent your location being hided by another one.
My village/city/island... is not listed into the marker file.
If you know the location (latitude, longitude), Send it to me, I will add it into the marker file.
Other similar applications:
If you happen to know others one, please let me know.

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