Some information regarding Xplanet.

What is this page about ?.
This page is about an application called "Xplanet".

What is Xplanet ?.
Xplanet diplays a realistic shaded image of the Earth in an X window.
Xplanet some some similar feature with xearth. The same marker file can be used with it.
picture, xplanet screenshot. picture, xplanet screenshot.
Xplanet default mode.
Note: The window manager used in these pictures is "windowmaker", other such as "AfterStep", "ICEwm" work the same.
picture, xplanet screenshot. picture, xplanet screenshot.
... ... ...
Known issues:
Window managers:
Xplanet seems to run fine with "KDE", "After Step, ICEwm, Windowmaker, and some more.
How to get more information:
Once Xplanet installed, in an "Xterm", or in "command line" (also known as console mode) do a "man xplanet", you will get a good help file, packed with a lot of information.
I can not see my village/city/island...
The marker file can show any place on the planet you whish. Meanwhile, you need to realize the resolution of your monitor, might limit the number of items diplayed at a single time. In the marker file the line wiht a "#" are commented lines. If your village/city/island is writen into the marker file, and start with a "#", simply take off the "#" sign. You may have to add a "#" sign in front of another location, to prevent your location being hided by another one.
My village/city/island... is not listed into the marker file.
If you know the location (latitude, longitude), Send it to me, I will add it into the marker file.
Other similar applications:
If you happen to know others one, please let me know.

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