Seismicity detection experiment for Coachella Valley area. Earth motion detection ( earthquakes ), using a homemade seismometer.
The location is near Palm Springs, Southern California.
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This is just an experiment ! (2005/08/23)
If you happen to see huge spikes, Do not deduct too quickly, you have seen the big one !
California may not be sailing away yet from the rest of the continent.
It probably mean, somebody is too close to the seismometer, or working on it, the UPS/FedEx delivery truck is trying to reach 45 mph in a nearby 150ft dead end driveway or perhaps simply a cricket jumped on it...
Picture. This view represent the data acquisition reading from the seismometer.   ... ... ... No image may be diplayed, in the case of work on the data acquisition machine or server update... ... ...
This view represent data acquisition reading from the seismometer. As of now, a measure is taken every 1.5 seconds, but will increase later.
They are about 600 measures on each image. The software has an auto scale feature, which always enlarge the reading up to the maximum on the screen.
This feature may be taken down later, as it might confuse people not used to it.

A new picture should be loaded about every 15 minutes.
This page should be refreshed by your browser at the same time.

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