Welcome to Carissa Homepage.
On this site, I invite you to discover some of my "teenager" life.

I play with linux, since 1999. at that time, I did not know what it was, except they were some nice little games. I Helped the organization of the event "linux Demo Day" in 1999 with my dad. I was teaching adults, how to play the games. Later, I learned I could also use linux for some school work I had, such as Science. I used it next to my Macintosh (7600), that I really like too.
I am also pretty good in astronomy, I went to a lot of stars parties, I can find most of the populars constellations in the sky. At stars parties, I begin to know people, I sometimes help them to find comets or others objects in the sky. I am familliar with several of the Messier objects and can locate them in the sky, using a Dobsonian telescope.

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