Welcome to Cory Homepage.
I invite you to discover my fascinating and exciting page.

I am working on some planets data tables. I also work on a telescope information page.

I learn linux and the sky programs that run on it. "Xephem" is running on this computer picture.

When ever Pixo can pick me up, I go to star parties in my area, to become more familiar on how telescopes works.

Earlier, my computer was running another operating system, then I had a problem with it, now it run linux (SuSE) and I like it, they are a lot of programs that came with it.
I had only the applications that came with the previous operating system and one game. Now, I experiment with all kinds of programs. I use the periodic table of ellements, a fractal generator program, "openoffice" which is a complete office suite, and some neat games.
I use my computer to do school work too.
Curently, I run "SuSE" linux, soon, I will also try to install "Mandrake-linux" on an older machine, to practice.

picture, Cory with his computer.

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