Welcome to Matthew little world.

I am a little boy growing up and discovering the world around me.
Je suis un petit enfant qui decouvre le monde autour de moi en grandissant.
2003/01/18. Experiment with the small world, through a microscope.
2003/01/18. Experimentation du monde des tout petits, a l'aide d'un microscope.
picture, icon, Matthew with toy microscope.
2003/03/30. Star party of 2003/03/30.
Most pictures by Matthew.
picture, icon, Matthew self portrait.
2003/04/26. The new Matthew, clean better...
Le nouveau Matthew nettoye mieux
picture, icon, Matthew self portrait.
2003/05/04. I love to help in the garden and washing the dishes...
J'aime aider aux petits travaux du jardin et laver la vaisselle...
picture, matthew in yard.
2004/01/05. Project of a 6" truss telescope.
This project has been started at Christmass 2003. it is a work in progress.
2004/01/05. Projet de construction d'un truss telescope de 15cm. Ce projet a debute a Noel 2003.
picture, icon, 6in truss telescope.
2004/09/01. A little trip to the Grand Canyon of Arizona...
Un petit voyage au Grand Canyon d'Arizona...
picture, Matthew at dripping springs trail in Grand Canyon of Arizona.
2005/01/22. Assembly of a homemade workbench....
Construction et assemblage d'un petit etabli de bricollage...
picture, homemade workbench.
more to come.

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