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picture, blooming cactus. Sun spots observation. picture, Sun Spots observation
Solar eclipse of June 11 2002. picture, Solar eclipse of 2002/05/11
Star party.
Still a work in progress.
Pages en cours de realisation.
picture, lunar eclipse of 2003/05/15
Lunar eclipse of May 15 2003. picture, lunar eclipse of 2003/05/15
Short life of a cactus flower, May 18 2003. picture, cactus flower 2003/05/18
RTMC Star party, May 27 2003. picture, cactus flower 2003/05/18
Grandview Owens valley (California) star party, July 24-30 2003. picture, 2003 Grandview star party.
Blooming cactus in the garden, around 5:00 am. They bloom by night, each flower last one night only, then it dyes in the morning. The bugs on the flower are hard working bees, they are in a hurry before the sun come, the temperature is still fresh.
Night of May 16 2003.

Cactus en fleur dans le jardin, il est environ 5:00 heure le matin. Chaque fleur s'epanoui le soir et meurt le matin, La floraison ne dure q'une nuit. Les insectes sur une des fleurs sont des abeilles travaillant dur, elles s'acharnent avant que le soleil arrive, une fois le soleil present, la temperature grimpe de facon vertigineuse.
Nuit du 16 may 2003.

Sun spots observation. After a freezing cold winter night, the sky may still have at least one object to show us through our telescopes.
The shinny object in front of the telescope, is the sun filter. The telescope is a 10" f6 made by Discovery telescopes.

picture, Sun observation, telescope view.
Star gazing in or near Joshua Tree National Park is a treat for the eyes.
Strange, I feel I know that person, Meanwhile, I probably never met that guy...

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