Matthew and Pixo.
Realization of a 6 inches f-8, Dobsonian telescope.

Picture of the little boy with his completed telescope.

On this site, we show you some pictures, of the assembly of our little telescope.

One things to remember, this telescope project, had for main goal, to let people with little tools, to be able to do such a project, on the kitchen counter, in the corner of a room, in a garage, etc.

The whole project was done using hand tools easily available, such as: jig saw, cordless drill or corded drill. The most sophisticate tool was probably a router. Meanwhile, the work done with the router, could have been done using a jig saw or a hand saw.

This project started around fall 2001 and was completed around spring 2002. One reason for the length in time, is, I wanted Matthew to be able to participate at most of the labor involved in this realization. This project was a practice test, to get an idea of what was involved in such realization, to learn from our mistakes.

Matthew is a nice little boy that come with me to most of the star parties. It is a way to make his difficult life, a little bit more enjoyable.

Mirror cell assembly.
Optical components assembly and basic alignment.
Base assembly.
Tonight, the fun begin !
RTMC 2002.
Star Parties
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