Users personal sites.
This is our volunteers pages.
This people are helping, the realization of our projects.
Certaines de ces pages sont traduites en Francais.

The realizations on these pages are practice test for the main project.
They are a gold mine for ideas, from individuals members Most of them are nice projects, some of them well documented with pictures.
Users personal sites:
(schools sites follow)
Picture, Matthew and Pixo home made telescope
Realization of a 6 inches f8 "Dobsonian" telescope.
By Matthew and Pixo.
picture, 6 inches dobonian telescope
Starwing's 1st telescope mirror.
By Starwing.
picture, 8 inches mirror for a dobsonian telescope
Encoders and mechanical reduction gears page.
By Frank.
picture, frank prototype forkmount.
Matthew little world.
From microscopy experiments to a 6" telescope realization.
English, Francais
2003/01/18, updated 2005/01/22
picture, icon, matthew with microscope.
Carissa big world.
Updated 2003/03/03.
picture, icon, carissa, linuxdemo day 1999.
Some telescopes observations, sun spots as well as a lunar and a solar eclipse.
By Pixo. Updated 2003/08/27
picture, Eclipse of 2002/06/11.
After school work. Cory is working on a planets and stars data table.
By Cory.
picture, Cory picture icon.
Schools sites:
Cathedral City high school (Southern California), 4 Science classes on 2003/01/09.
picture, Sun observation of 20030109 at Cathedral City high school, (Southern California).
A mix of linux and astronomy interest, in a classroom.
By Craig.
picture, Craig students.

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